Immersive Entertainment

Escape reality and be the hero of your own story!

"Explore a trippy dream-like world in this highly immersive experience on Filipino Folklore: Lambana"

Coming soon this April 2019 to Eastwood City Mall

What is Lambana?

Lambana is a new experience you can enjoy with family and friends that allows you to live out your own dark whimsical fairy tale adventure. Actors take you on a once in a lifetime journey through the mythical world where you can explore and meet creatures both strange and wonderful. But be careful, the way back home is never so clear... and your ending is entirely up to you.

Wilder than your wildest dreams!

Feel the rush as you explore our highly immersive, multi-sensory spaces designed to tickle your very senses. With more than a dozen rooms to discover, each with their own look, smell and taste, Lambana will truly take you from reality and into a parallel world where only the most memorable adventures happen.

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