Tipsy Tales


We create immersive entertainment for people looking for new experiences. Memorable moments, fashioned from fun.

"Life may be short but it can be extraordinary. We believe remarkable new experiences make life worth living - and that's what we create"

- Tipsy Tales Team

What is Tipsy Tales

Tipsy Tales is immersive entertainment - physical spaces turned into multi-sensory worlds for you to enjoy your own surreal adventure in with family and friends.

Our latest production transforms a mall space in Quezon City into the weird but wonderful world of Filipino Folklore. Experience your own fairy tale adventure as actors guide you through this dream-like reality. Journey into the unknown, witness bizarre sights and taste brave new flavours. But be careful, it's a beautiful world but there's a cunning plot just waiting to happen!

Every story we tell aims to give you moments you'll remember forever. Our worlds are designed to ignite nervous excitement within you - the same emotions you feel in those moments in life you've never felt so alive.

Hero of your own story

Our shows put you at the center of a thrilling plot! Live out your wildest dreams as you explore worlds, meet characters and make decisions that determine your ending.

Multi-sensory spaces

The worlds we create are designed to tickle your senses. See, touch, smell and taste your way through these highly immersive spaces.

Quirky adventure

Each story is designed to give you an unforgettable new experience. Expect twists and turns that will surprise at every corner.

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