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We believe entertainment illuminates lives by helping people create memorable moments with the people they love. Our experiences are designed to be refreshingly new, highly immersive and deeply connecting because that's where life's most meaningful moments come from. Join us in helping humanity live rich and extraordinary lives, one remarkable experience at a time.

If you're as passionate as we are about creating experiences, then we might just be the company for you!

The Tipsy Tales Culture

Unbounded creativity and growth fueled by fun

Tipsy Tales is made up of a close-knit community of experience enthusiasts whose goal is simply to create the ultimate entertainment for the world to immerse in! We're unbounded with our thinking and willing to break the norms if they don't serve us or our customers well. We each have a relentless desire to grow and see it as a key element of our culture. We believe in having fun and that happiness is the new productivity of the future workplace.

If you resonate with the above then we may just be the work family you've been searching for all your life.

Open Positions

Discover your greatness and creative genius with us!

Folklore Cast

Right now we're looking for great performers who can play mythical creatures for our immersive theater on Filipino Folklore. A non-traditional show where participants become protagonists of their own story as our cast leads them to explore different spaces and develops their story through acting. With a highly personalized script, we need actors who thrive in both character and improv acting!

Dwende, Mara | Male or Female | Early - Mid 20s

Quick witted, smart but slightly off. Oddly androgynous and, although youthful, you can’t quite place his / her age. Cheeky and always seems to be scheming something.

Nuno, Alpas | Male | Early 30s - Mid 50s

Sarcastic, ill-tempered and feels as though the world is against him. While coarse and self-centered to begin with, he's eventually one to pity and warm up to.

Sirena, Rena | Female | Early 20s - Early 30s

Sensual being who loves being looked at. She’s touchy, expressive (in both eyes and movement) and sings beautifully. (Actress must be comfortable wearing a bikini)

Lola, Mila | Female | 50s - 60s

Her body might be old but her eyes are young and she's full of life. You can tell she has magic in her bones. Warm and welcoming, she always makes you want to talk.

Kapre | Male | 20+

Large intimidating figure - one of the simpler roles. A creepy walk and explosive aggressiveness.

With shows running every day in a high-traffic QC mall, we need full-time actors that can work with us for a minimum of 3 months with a steady salary in return. Actors that decide to stay with us as a company can move to bigger roles and have the option to play a hand in crafting some of our exciting future projects!


Right now we're looking for a strong team to bring our immersive theater to life! A non-traditional show based on Filipino Folklore where participants become heroes of their own story. Actors lead them to explore different multi-sensory rooms while developing their story. With a highly innovative concept like this, we need passionate crew who are creative and can adapt to unique and unfamiliar situations.

Front of house staff

Be at the forefront of this exciting experience by being the first to explain the concept to visitors and encourage both locals and tourists to try it out. The role includes sales, ticketing and answering visitor enquiries.

Back of house staff / production runner

Play a key support role as an inventory manager, maintenance staff and an usher before and after the show. Get involved in various parts of the production and learn how the magic comes to life!

Control room officer

The control room is the back bone of the show! Lead the technical aspects of production including timing, lights, sounds and security to make the show run like clockwork.

Cafe barista

Get involved in running the show's mythical cafe. Create magical food and drinks for both show and cafe, and ensure every customer leaves with a happy belly!

Multi-media Intern

We're looking for young budding creatives to help deliver daring and exciting content across both our online and offline channels. Join our creative process and develop highly immersive content to engage our target market. Observe how they perform against campaign KPIs, learn and make even better content! If you're someone that wants to grow, push their boundaries and knows their way around copy, print and digital, we need you.

Internship periods are a minimum of 3 months long with possible hiring or extension based on talent and interest. While we accept part-time applications, priority will be given to full-time candidates.

How to join the team


Check out our job openings and find a role that suits you. If none fit, let us know how you can add value and we'd be willing to consider! Send your resume in PDF format as well as any photo / video reels (cast) or cover letters (non-cast) you'd like us to consider to with the subject "Applicant Name | Role".

Interviews / Auditions

Should you pass our screening, you’ll be notified within a week and be called for interview / auditions. For cast, this involves two rounds of auditions: online and final face-to-face. Requirements for online auditions will be sent if you pass screening.

For all other roles, we'll share an applicant information form to fill and bring to interview alongside a recent 1x1 photo and a hard copy of your resume. You'll be evaluated based on your skills and culture fit. We try to make sure every hire ends up happy with their role and is in an environment they can thrive in!

Background Checks

For non-cast roles, once you've passed our interviews we’ll contact your references, companies and schools to get to know you better before making a final decision. Culture fit is incredibly important to us so we make an effort to hear your story from others!

The Offer!

We’ll be reaching out to let you know if you’ve got the job! If you do, you’ll be asked to meet to discuss contract, policies and other information. Don’t worry if you don’t get in, we’ll have more jobs in the future and there will be many roles available for different kinds of people.

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